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Master Franchise

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Master/Area Franchisee (Licensee) is granted the license to set up other schools within his/her given territory. A Master Franchisee usually defines a country or state (or part of a big country )

Training/Support for the Master Franchisee

If you wish you can visit the Head Office, we can give you a tour of some of our schools.

Information within the Training Manuals  will cover the following:
Management, Sales, Operation and Administration, Accounting, Franchise sales presentations, Policies and Procedures, Single Unit Franchise agreement,

This will help you recruit new franchisees and will help you to support and manage a franchise network.

Our support does not stop after you become part of the company, also periodic and on-going training provided through emails and manuals as well as ongoing phone consultations. We will visit you from time to time to see that everything is going well, provided you have at 3-4 schools in operation.

Head Office is only a phone call or e-mail away, you can contact us regarding any matter and someone will contact you as soon as possible in order to assist you.


Master Franchisee material to train SF

Alexander Language Schools (ALS), will provide the MF with all the information required to assit the SF's. An information folder will be provided.

Concerning the training of new franchisees, we have extensive information that would be helpful and we support our franchisees every step of the way with continual contact via telephone, fax, e-mail, courier, post etc.

Targets and Initial School Set Up

Master/Area Franchisee has the obligation to set up one pilot school and the right to set up her/his own branches/outlets/units (company owned) or sell (sub) franchises within his/her own territory.

One school should be opened by you as soon as the MF contract is signed and initial fee is paid, after this, the rate at which SF's are recruited and set up is dependent upon the MF.

There are no consequences if targets (quotas) are not met for setting up additional franchisees (SF), you will set your own targets and we will contact you in order to discuss how you are keeping to this. If you are unable to reach your targets we will analyze with you the reasons why and look at ways to resolve this. It may be that they are unrealistic, you may be having difficulty finding suitable franchisees.

We believe in setting up the schools at a reasonable pace. We do not believe in setting an amount; this puts added stress onto the MF, who could be producing good results at a constant pace. The rate at which the schools can be set up can vary dependent upon the area in which the schools are established.


Referral of leads (SF) by existing SF’s

Is there any monetary incentive for a SF to refer a prospective SF to the MF?
Generally this depends upon the MF, if you wish you can offer an amount of the initial fee (agreed in writing beforehand), however the agreed initial fees will still need to be paid to the franchisor.

However, once the MF is established and 1 + SF's are also established this is something which can be discussed.

ALS Training (Site Visit)

A member of the ALS can visit your premises and provide training and assistance with the set up of the school.





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