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School Address: 12 road 88 , Sakanat El Madi, Maadi area,

Tel:  +20 (0)2  23598713, +20 (0)100-2226746, +20 (0)100-5461261

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Alexander Language Institute ALS has been in operation internationally since1966, and its branch in Cairo now offers a range of languages for cultural and business requirements.

   Courses are for all levels, from beginners upwards, and can be taken in group or private sessions, at our center or on company premises.

   Following course completion and level assessment our students are provided with internationally accredited certification from our main office in London.

   You are most welcome to visit our web site at for information about our international network.  

   If you would like to benefit from the specialist services we offer to businesses, such as company and industry specific learning materials and reports for management, we will need to discuss your specific requirements to prepare an individual quotation.

          Enjoy our reliable, time saving services: 

  • ALS encourages its students to interact with the culture of the languages they are learning by creating a friendly learning environment.

  • Specific duration and clear timetable for every program.

  • Flexible schedules for individual classes.

  • Course programs tailored to individual needs for private students.

  • Classes are taught exclusively in target language.

  • Students can take general, business or integrated general and business language courses.

  • We teach grammar only as an aid to communication (rules don’t rule!).

  • Verbal and written communication are easily integrated from the first level allowing learners to develop both skills.

  • We offer personalised programme planning, tracking and feedback.

        Our prices:-


Type of Course

Fee per student per level


LE 2085

Semi-private (2 students)

LE  1294

Semi-private (3 students)

LE  972

Group  (4 students)

LE  700

Group  (5 to 7 students)

LE  600

          -   Each level is 22 hours conducted over a minimum of an

               hour and a half per session.

          -   The cost of student books is not included in the prices above            

               however a student book covering two to three levels has an       

               average price of LE 150.                                                                         

          -   If classes are taken on your company/club premises transport  

              cost will be added at the rate of LE 300  per level for each    

              group or individual .

-         Exceptional discounts can be offered for large number of


-         A free of charge placement test is offered  at centre to all  

    candidates who will join semi-private or group classes to  

    ensure level competency. 

        If you have further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

          Tel       : (02) 23598713

          Mob     : (010) 222 6746- (010) 00 77 696

          Add      : 12, Road 88, Sakanat el Maadi.

          E-mail  :    

             Website:           Student Brochure in Arabic



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