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 My name is Nedka Dimitrova. I live in the town of Dobrich, Bulgaria.

  I had been teaching English for six years in a state school when in 1998 I had the opportunity to start my own language school. At present I am the franchisee of ALEXANDER Language Schools in Dobrich.    

I have had the chance to meet the ALS General Director and the ALS Master Franchisee of Bulgaria  who is responsible for the system. They are perpetually on the move – paying visits to us at school and advising in difficult situations. These contacts are always of benefit to me as well as an enjoyable experience.

  The school is located in the central part of the town, on the first flour in a block of flats. The rooms are bright blue and yellow furnished and painted, according to the regulations that apply to all ALEXANDER schools. This is very stimulating for both children and adults.

  Our students are mainly primary and secondary pupils who come to classes twice a week. Most of them study English at state schools but want to get a better knowledge of the language, taught by well-trained and experienced teachers.

  I feel very happy and satisfied with my work. I love teaching English as well as communicating with children. They are curious, sincere and always eager to learn new things.

  Being a franchisee of ALEXANDER Language Schools gives me a perfect chance to provide an enjoyable learning atmosphere and to motivate students through the interesting and colourful textbooks, amusing video and fascinating multimedia programmes. Our first principle in work is to make children feel easy and comfortable and to encourage their creativity and willingness to learn the language.

  Everyone is always welcome to ALEXANDER Language School in Dobrich.  



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