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Learn Swedish in Stockholm, Uppsala or Lapland
Swedish in Sweden


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Uppsala (Summer)

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Lapland (Winter)

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Courses Available

 Courses available in Sweden (Stockholm) are conducted over a 4 week period, however several 4-week programmes maybe combined consecutively to give, for example, 8 or 12 week programmes.

 Each programme will consist of 3* 45 minute lessons daily.

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The fee for each programme is 992 Euro.

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 Course dates

 Courses begin each month at different levels

 The courses begin every 4 weeks from 26th January

 The schools is closed during Easter and from June 21-July 2.

  The school in Stockholm offers an extra intensive course with 25 lessons per

week from June-August. 

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 Accommodation will need to be arranged privately, below is a site I recommend., you will need to go to the section: Hotel, travel and tourism>Accommodation and conferences.

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 We have published a book which may be of use to you: 

'Alexander dictionary of English Idioms, English-Swedish version'

 Sample pages can be found on our website

 There is also a book order form on this page.  Alternatively you can purchase the book from one of our suppliers’ and

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 Summer in Uppsala

 Every year about 250 students and professionals from all over the world participate in our Uppsala International Summer Session.

In addition to learning about the Swedish language, culture and society, students also enjoy living in Uppsala and participating in Swedish student life.
Uppsala is a beautiful and lively city during the summer. Riding a bicycle is the most popular way to get around town, although it is also easy to go by foot.
In Uppsala each week, a number of events are organised by different cultural organisations, as well as by pubs and cafes. Pop concerts as well as classical concerts are given frequently.
Upon request the Uppsala International Summer Session can issue a Swedish student card with which the students can gain entrance to the Uppsala student nations (you also need to bring an international student card). The nations are pubs which offer good and affordable food and drink, and which have dances several times per week.
The lake is close by and you can often find our students there on the weekends. Stockholm, with all it has to offer, is only 45 minutes away by train.
All classes are taught at Vuxenskolan, a modern facility in the centre of Uppsala. Computers are available for writing or e-mailing.
The weekend trips to Helsinki and Värmland are unforgettable experiences for those who participate. Many students take part in sports activities during the weekends and after classes. Two highlights during the summer are the potluck dinner and the farewell dinner. Students bring to the potluck dinner food that is typical for their homelands, serving up tastes from all corners of the globe. Each four-week session ends with the semi-formal farewell banquet, when students and teachers perform songs and sketches. After dinner the banquet room is cleared for a night of dancing.
Spending a summer together with people from 40 different countries, ages 18 - 65, with different backgrounds, is a valuable, interesting and fun experience, one which you will not easily forget.
I can assure you that you will have a great summer with us, as you combine your studies with interesting and fun experiences. I personally very much enjoy working with this program, as it gives me the opportunity to meet so many people from all corners of the world with one thing in common: an interest in Sweden, its language and culture.

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Winter Programme in Lapland

In , we also offer a winter session from February 8 - 28, .  Swedish is offered at level 2, 3 and 4, no total beginners. Accommodation in a hotel in double rooms with full board. The course fee includes: All tuition Full board in hotel Excursions Evening activities Reindeer sleigh ride (one afternoon) Farewell Dinner.

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Hotel, double rooms, full board. Each room has a TV and broadband internet connection. Naturally the use of the sauna is included. Recently, the hotel has been completely redecorated and renovated with a very pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.

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Optional Husky Sleigh Ride
Instruction 2 afternoons and a full day of sleigh riding 
Costs: 2000 sek.

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 Costs 19.0000 sek.

No scholarships available.

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